The following collections are available at Go West Library. For the time being, I have not been able to upload the list and photos of the books included in these collections. I will try to make it available for your reference as soon as possible within August 2019. If you have any question about any book in these collections, please do not hesitate to let me know via our Facebook page or by sending us a question to Thank you and enjoy reading at Go West Library.

  1. The Supreme Court of the United State of America Collection;
  2. Nietzsche Collection;
  3. Sartre Collection;
  4. History of Vietnam Collection;
  5. Pre-1975 Vietnamese Literature Collection;
  6. Post-1975 Vietnamese Literature Collection;
  7. Allen Ginsberg Collection;
  8. Pham Cong Thien Collection;
  9. Bui Giang Collection;
  10. Le Thanh Tri Collection;
  11. Van Hanh University Collection;
  12. Tu Tuong Collection;
  13. Piaget Collection;
  14. Tran Duc Thao Collection;
  15. Vu Van Mau Collection;
  16. Japan Collection;
  17. Germany Collection;
  18. Art Collection;
  19. Wittgenstein Collection;
  20. Hayek Collection;
  21. Hamvas Bela Collection;
  22. Chomsky Collection;
  23. Le Ton Nghiem Collection;
  24. Kafka Collection;
  25. Han Mac Tu Collection;
  26. Henry Miller Collection;
  27. Hegel Collection;
  28. Kant Collection;
  29. Heidegger Collection; and
  30. Hermann Hesse Collection.