Welcome to Go West Library

Welcome to my corner!

This is the place where we can share the love and joy of books (and just books). I am not running this place for business purposes. Instead, all the fees that you pay me to enter into my corner will be used for charity purpose. At the end of each month, I will use all the money that I will be collecting during that month to contribute to a charity which will also be public to all of you at the beginning of that month. For the avoidance of any confusion and misunderstanding as well as in order to ensure the ultimate transparency, I will send the monthly report following the end of this month specifying the details of the money that I have collected from you during the month and the evidence showing how I have contributed those amounts to that charity.I wish nothing but to contribute a little piece not only to promote the love of books and the joy of reading but also to the poor and vulnerable ones that I will be meeting at some point in life. Last but not least, it is worth noting that (i) this is a private library, not a public one, so that I reserve all the rights to run this place according to my rules, and just my rules, including allowing and prohibiting certain people to enter into my place, and (ii) I am not selling any book so please do not ask for the price.Now just musing on the road…

That’s all from me and looking forward to welcoming you to my corner!

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